File History:

2.6.5:All new crash reporting system that will add more diagnostic data; better duplication deletion; automatic deletion of duplicates when app is started; Several more crash fixes.

2.6.4: Fixed a hang in a rare case when converting the database on startup; fixed wrong contact photo shown when using a user-defined photo; custom implementation of the date picker to allow for not picking a year.

2.6.3: Really removed pointless new permissions again; Fixed more crashes during database conversion when bad data is found; Fixed crash when trying to load a contact photo that is too large; Fixed problem with contact photos not matching the contact in the main list; MyBackup Pro works again; Importing birthdays from notes works again; Several more little fixes.

2.6.2: Custom event types are now also synced with Google Contacts; Removed pointless new permissions again; Fixed crashes during database conversion when bad data is found; Added convenience button to quickly add new event type; Added (partial) Armenian translation.

2.6.1: Visual refresh, part one. More to come; Removed Facebook import, it's no longer possible due to Facebook's changed privacy rules; More robust system to link contacts to entries, should retain links even when contacts change a lot; Mostly removed the different ways of handling contacts vs. non-contacts; Even non-contacts can now edit all event types on one screen; Replaced the horrible tutorial with a slightly less horrible tutorial; Removed obsolete options, rearranged and polished things a bit.


2.5.3: Removed "import birthday events from contacts", this is now done automatically whenever the app starts.

2.5.1: Redesigned UI on main screen to make it more intuitive.

2.5: Fix issues with dates that have no years not showing up on certain devices; fix problem with themes not working on some devices.

2.4: Fix crash on some Android versions when using notifications; Show contact icon in notification (Android 3.0+); Add option to SMS/email from notification in some cases (Android 4.1+).

2.3: Support for expandable notifications on Android 4.1; multiple crash fixes; Crash fix for Android 4.2.

2.2: Fix filter settings not persisting across sessions; added new setting to specify visibility of calendar entries; fix color in text entry on some color schemes; optional debugging logs.

2.1: Fix association of names with contacts; Better approach to finding contacts using all linked accounts; Little icon on top of contact photo to indicate event type; Status screen for longer operations has been revamped; Fixed bogus error message when importing events from contacts.

2.0: Android 2.0+ is now required! App has new Android 3.0-style action bar, "contact mode" and "list mode" are now accessed via tabs or by swiping screen; CVS import adds more descriptive error messages; several fixes to CVS import; widget background stretches nicer now; widget size should be better on Android 4.0; widget can be resized on 3.1+; removed some old stuff from the Android 1.x days, like HTC Hero support; fixed backup wipe forever wiping; better matching of contacts by name; calendar import; other fixes.

1.8.3: Option to disable Google cloud backup; option to wipe backup; change event type icon from main screen; better quality for contact photos on some phones; option to set photo for non-contact entries.

1.8.2: Zodiac support! Western and Chinese (Chinese is not 100% correct for people born before 1924.); Automatic Google cloud backup! If you wipe your phone or get a new one, you'll keep all your data (Android 2.2 and beyond). (Manual backups are still recommended!!); Small widget layout improvements; Events weren't always localized right in other languages; Fixed incorrect date in notifications.

1.8.1: Fix crash that was reported one some devices.

1.8.0: Non-Google calendars are accessible again; added filter bar (filter by type, sort alphabetically, filter by name); more debugging output to track down CSV problems; updated French and German translations.

1.7.9: Some fixes for Android 4.0 (like Facebook import); fixed issue on some phones that would cause dates without years to turn into 12/31 or 01/01 in the contact notes and other places; hopefully fixed CSV import on some phones; added error reporting for CSV import.

1.7.8: Calendar works with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), UNTESTED; added compatibility with Google TV 2.0; basic support for Minimalistic Text; configurable template for calendar entry titles; fixed logic for "show contact photos"; calendar selection is more reliable; App supports Ice Cream Sandwich (hardware acceleration enabled).

1.7.7: Fixed the calendar interface on Android 2.2 and newer; CSV export will write out the right date for birthdays without years.

1.7.6: Fixed display issues on tablets; fixed more potential one-day-off issues; pressing the Search key brings up the keyboard; added option to pick an image for each event type; tablets will always use a reasonably sized font; clicking on a contact image brings up the standard Android menu to allow for calling/messaging/editing the contact.

1.7.5: Fixed date being one day off on some Motorola phones in Eastern hemisphere; fixed a rare reported crash.

1.7.4: Fixed super-persistent icons; Fixed importing pre-1970 birthdays on Motorola phones; Fixed crash when exporting CSV files; More debug info for inaccuracies with Motorola phones in the Eastern hemisphere.

1.7.3: Added Motorola Mode - should fix dates showing up as January 1970 on some Motorola phones. Enable in settings and re-export birthdays in dates; Fixed crash on Android 1.5 and 1.6; Rewrote all date handling from scratch using a newer Android function, this will hopefully fix weird date problems (mostly on HTC phones).

1.7.2: Fixed option to reconnect contacts; Potential fix for disappearing contact photos; Added debug info for birthday import (to see why Atrix doesn't work).

1.7.1: Fixed several crashes; More debugging data when sending the date debug information.

1.7.0: Contact photos optionally on the main screen; removed compatibility with Android 1.1; shut down the service after creating widget (saves you memory); new (hopefully more reliable) way of handling dates; Delete All Calendar Entries will delete all EboBirthday-created entries in all calendars; Background check can be turned off in the settings; Background check will automatically correct the names of contact-linked entries; debugging option to send a mail with information to help track down the parser problems on some phones.

1.6.9: Fixed potential problems when writing dates to the calendar or the contacts; show more entries in the widget (useful on tablets); crash fixes; OK/Cancel button for date edit dialogs.

1.6.8: Crash fix when clicking on the calendar icon to edit a date without a year; Fixed bugs in several translations that caused crashes in the preferences and omitted some date formats that were added recently; Crash fix in the background validation check if the database has bad entries; Crash fix in the facebook import when errors occur while the app is going to the background.

1.6.7: Selected row looks more readable in custom themes; fixed black flickering when scrolling; automatic font size (and font size override in settings).

1.6.6: New widget configuration (title, background, compact mode, event filter); fixed crash in CSV import/export; new fancy theme; re-enabled install to SD card.

1.6.5: Theme support, comes with classic and white theme; better Facebook parsing; fixed problems with deleting all calendar entries; fixed problems in the 'event only' date editing; added hint when editing birthdays for the first time.

1.6.4: Fixed Facebook import on older phones; mark events in widget that are not birthdays.

1.6.3: Undid install to SD option, it breaks the widget; more paranoid checks to see if that fixes the Droid data loss problem; fix for names with special characters in the Facebook import; fix for phones that don't have the "My Contacts" group (like Xperia X10).

1.6.2: Fix for "use all contacts" option; fix for scroll bar overlapping on some skins (like Xperia X10); rewrote Facebook sync from scratch to work with the new Facebook API; screen stays on during import/export.

1.6.1: Fix incorrect age in widget when date was one or two days ago; little watermark in widget; event icons; slight optional change to background colors in main list; updated to new Facebook authentication system; age display now optional; possible fix for calendar on Android 2.2; 'what's new' window; allow for installation on SD card.

1.6.0: Fix slow-down on Droid (and possibly other phones) when editing dates; fix editing dates on phones that have the name of the day in their date strings (Droid Eris, etc); full support for birthdays and anniversaries in the contacts themselves on Android 2.0 and newer; crash handler to add option to send log when the app crashes; notes would not be updated correctly on Android 2.0 and newer; fixed alarm day count preference in the German version.

1.5.4: Option to delete duplicates; make background check less frequent.

1.5.3: Possible fix for data loss; added 'contacts only' option for Facebook sync; fix for first line not showing up in widget in some cases; crash fix when importing incomplete CSV files.

1.5.2: 'days to go' also got turned into 'days go'; added undo button when editing dates because Benja is a klutz; added error checking so the app doesn't crash when a birthday is linked to a contact that has been deleted.

1.5.1: Android 2.0 fix for getting the name when sending text messages or sending mail; fix 'n days ago' display for events 180+ days in advance; background calendar and note update has lower priority to make app more responsive after editing date; scroll to the last edited entry; prevent other widgets from getting updated when a birthday is edited (makes things faster).

1.5.0: More Android 2.0 fixes. Will this ever end? Also small optimizations when editing dates.

1.4.9: Allow for showing dates prior to today (up to two days ago); rejuggled localization of event names.

1.4.8: Background check for inconsistencies every 7 days; automatically detect HTC Hero and recommend import; calendar entries are written three years in advance; better name matching to contact entries; indicate invalid date entries by color; don't delete existing entry because of bad non-empty date entry; fixes for note handling on Android 2.0; interface into OI Shopping List for presents; Portuguese translation (thanks Ciril!).

1.4.7: Fix for pre-2.0 phones. HTC Hero contact import.

1.4.6: Fix for phones with 1.5 and 1.1 SDKs (Hero, CLIQ, Moment).

1.4.5: French partial translation (thanks Wilfried and Raito40!); fix for Android 2.0 (Eclair).

1.4.4: NEW ICON AT LAST!! Thanks Toma; Facebook changed their login mechanism which broke this app - now fixed again.

1.4.3: Compatible with Android 1.6 (Donut).

1.4.2: Better MyBackup Pro integration; Dutch translation (thanks Theo!); optimized with Google's new zipalign tool.

1.4.1: Compatible with MyBackup Pro; fixed crash when importing a CSV file that doesn't have all event types; display age in calendar entries; better handling of full-day calendar events (seems to work better with third-party apps, thanks Francois!).

1.4.0: Asynchronous update for notes and calendar; makes changing dates A LOT faster when having auto-updates enabled non-standard characters are parsed properly in dates (like umlauts); can parse both abbreviated months and written out months; integrated the sync plug-in; Spanish translation.

1.3.8: Fixed bug with stale entry appearing on widget if there are less than three birthdays coming up.

1.3.7: Quick-drag bar in main list view; really fixed the missing space before "in".

1.3.6: Adjusted to Facebook change to make Facebook import work again; Facebook import will clear web cache properly; fixed incorrect year when birthday happens in next year, log window will follow text.

1.3.5: Facebook interface clears cookies to allow logging in as different user next time; added longer advance warning times for notifications and widgets; 1.3.3 broke compatibility with Android 1.1 after the date system rewrite, so here is another rewrite that uses both APIs. Android 1.1 works again; added support to import birthdays from the Phonebook app; Fixed issue when importing CSV files that would set dates with no year to 1970.

1.3.4: Fixed bug in European setups with calendar entries being a day early if they don't have a reminder; added Delete All; made UI more responsive when doing slow stuff like importing/exporting data; small fixes.

1.3.3: Notifications persist now; reinstated EboBirthday at least as an editor for contacts; Option to relink contacts; slightly improved progress screen with log review; Chinese and Italian translation; use English AND local language for all date strings since Cupcake seems to have issues with localized strings; fixed problem with entry without name being created when a contact name changes.

1.3.1: Import fix for Cupcake; import through Facebok works in non-US locales; German translation.

1.3.0: Widgets for Cupcake; more Cupcake adjustments; better import handling with more messages; no date update on import if date unchanged; small tweaks.

1.2.8: Cupcake UI adjustments; allow '=' as delimiter in contact notes; little fixes.

1.2.7: Proper CSV export. CSV import for non-contacts. EboBirthday is no longer a possible default viewer and editor for contacts, that was annoying.

1.2.6: SMS/Email support; fix for left-over notes/calendar on delete; progress bar on Facebook import. Exiting a process like exporting aborts it. Clear app-specific Web cache after importing data from Facebook.

1.2.5: Facebook import; lots of timezone fixes.

1.2.2: Fix in "days to go" display. Added note and small fix when deleting all calendar entries.

1.2.1: Calendar reminders.

1.2.0: Basic calendar integration. Convenience buttons. Small list improvements.

1.1.2: Dates with no year. Fix for note conversion.

1.1.1: CSV import, bug-fixes, show days to go.

1.1.0: Control over event types, their keywords and date formats in notes, ability to create and delete them at random. Bug-fixes in notification display.

1.0.5: Support for birthdays without contacts attached to them.

1.0.4: Notification support. Now a public content provider.

1.0.3: Option to search in the main lists.

1.0.2: Use the date format as specified in the system settings.

1.0.1: Fixed bug in age calculation
Added options to clarify the age display

1.0.0: Initial release.

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