In short:

EboBirthday does not send out or share any information. Ever. The “Internet” permission is required so it can download birthdays from Facebook.


EboBirthday will only connect to Facebook when “Import from Facebook” is selected by the user. At this point, it will go to to be redirected to facebook. All interaction with Facebook, including login, is done directly via, with no other entity inbetween.

EboBirthday will first get a list of all friends, and then get the full name and birthday of each friend. It will then create or update birthday records for each friend. If the name matches an existing contact on the device, the birthday will be associated with the contact. If “contacts only” is checked, EboBirthday will only create records for those friends that have a matching contact on the device.


Android devices by default synchronize the contact information with (you can see them at, so if you change a contact (like by adding/updating a note through EboBirthday, and on some phones adding a birthday), that data will be synchronized with This is the same as editing a contact in the contacts app.

Google Cloud Backup:

By default, EboBirthday supports Google’s cloud backup. This will automatically upload EboBirthday’s current data to Google in a format proprietary to EboBirthday that no other app or entity can understand. The cloud backup can be turned off in the settings; there’s also an option to delete the backup data on the cloud. Note that apps do not have direct control over the cloud, they can only request to backup/delete/restore data.

You can visit to see if what Google Cloud Backup data there is (under “Android Devices”).