Use words for date: If set, the main date display page will use words like 'today', 'tomorrow', etc. If not set, the page will always show the date itself.

Auto-Update Notes: When set, the contact notes will automatically be updated to contain dates whenever they are modified by EboBirthday (which could happen either by editing them directly or by importing Windows Mobile data).

Use All Contacts: When you browse through your contacts on your Android phone, you'll only see a subset called 'My Contacts'. Internally, Google stores a lot more contacts, for example 'suggested contacts', which are created whenever you reply to a mail. By checking this box, you'll see all the contacts on your phone, including suggested contacts.

Show Next Year: Make it clear that the age indicates how old a person will be if the birthday happens to be next year.

Show Upcoming Age: Shows how old a person is going to be in parentheses. If disabled, shows how old the person currently is.

Enable Notifications: If enabled, an icon in the notification bar will alert about upcoming birthdays.

Advance Day Warning: Number of days in advance the notifications will warn about an upcoming event.

Persistent Icon: If set, notifications will remain in the notification bar until you click on "Clear All Notifications". If not, they will disappear as soon as you click on the notification.

Event Types: Lets you add, delete, and modify event types (by default, the two types available are Birthdays and Anniversaries). Available settings are:

NOTE that you MUST click on the "Click here to convert" button if you already have events in the database and have those in notes. Otherwise, EboBirthday will no longer recognize the old tags in the notes and add new ones, resulting in ugly duplicates.

Calendar Integration: Allows you to have EboBirthday create matching entries in the calendar for all the dates.

Widgets: Allows you to customize the optional EboBirthday widget on the home screen (Cupcake only).

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