EboMike's Android MMS hack

This is the MMS app taken from the current 1.6 ROM with a new setting that allows setting the threshold at which an SMS is converted to an MMS. The app has been hacked to look like a 1.5 app so it can be installed on Cupcake ROMs.

IMPORTANT: I didn't test this app outside an emulator. There is no guarantee that this works with your phone. This app may break your phone, your MMS app, your ability to send an receive MMS and SMS. It may also be in violation of your agreement with your cell phone carrier. I assume no responsibility for any damages. Use entirely at your own risk.

You can download the app here (Mms.apk).

To install: Depending on your phone, it may be possible to install it by simply allowing non-market apps (Home screen, Settings, Applications, check "Unknown Sources") and then clicking on the link above from your phone's browser.
If that doesn't work, download it to your SD card and then use a file browser like OI File Manager to point to it and install it.
If even that doesn't work, install ADB (there are lots of docs on the web that explain how to, search for "android tetherbot" for some detailed instructions), then download the Mms.apk file to your computer, go to that directory with in a terminal window (=Command prompt on windows, Terminal on OS X), and enter adb install -r Mms.apk.

Good luck! Tell me how it went (you can find my email address here.) Don't write angry or threatening mails if something broke, you have been thoroughly warned.