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Hello and welcome to EboBirthday!

You can bring this help up choosing "Help/About" from the menu.

How to get birthdays into the database:

1. Enter them manually.

Click on the plus icon or swipe to the right, click on the person you want to edit, then simply edit the date. You can search by pressing on the magnifying glass.

2. Import them from your contacts' notes.

If you previously entered your contacts' birthdays and anniversaries in the notes, you choose Import from the menu, then Parse Contacts' Notes. NOTE that you must enter them as "Birthday: [date]" and/or "Anniversary: [date]" (You can change that in the settings). There should be a newline or semicolon after the date. The date must be in a format that your phone understands, i.e. if you're in the US, it should be something like "6/14/76".

3. Import them from your old Windows Mobile 6 phone

First, export all your contacts using PPCBckpContacts (search for it via google here). Put the resulting file on your Android phone. Then press MENU, choose "Import", "Windows Mobile", and select that file. (If you have a file manager like OI File Manager installed, you can browse to the file; if not, you need to enter the file name.) Click on Import.

4. Import them from a CSV File

You can go to the settings by pressing MENU + Settings and edit the event types and CSV information to match the file you're about to read. Then click MENU, "Import", "CSV File", and choose the file to import.

Facebook currently doesn't work

Facebook has updated their privacy regulations, apps can no longer access birthdays of friends.

Note that you can search in both the birthday list and the contact list by pressing on the magnifying glass.

In the main list of birthdays, you can click on an entry to edit it, or hold it to select options, like viewing the contact, sending an text message (if this is associated with a contact who has a mobile phone), or send a mail (if there is a contact with an e-mail address). You will have the option to edit and review the text message or email before sending it off.

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